High Percentage Casino Bonus

Online casinos aren’t able to offer the same frills as a land-based casino; you won’t be getting free drinks, or hotel comps etc – but what you DO get is bonuses. Lots and lots of bonuses.

Some casinos aren’t very generous with their bonuses though. That’s why we’ve filtered out the bad ones, and instead provide you with a list of all high percentage casino bonuses. Here’s the list:

High Percentage Casino Bonuses
Online Casino Software Percentage Bonus More Info
Nostalgia Casino Logo Nostalgia Casino Microgaming 2000% Nostalgia Casino High Percentage Bonus
Casino Loco Panda Logo Casino Loco Panda RTG 400% Casino Loco Panda High Percentage Bonus

Just to explain a bit about what a high percentage casino bonus actually is – EVERY online casino offers a signup bonus to entice new customers to sign up. The bonus is always a match on how much you deposit. So for example – a casino might offer a 100% bonus. This means that if you deposit $100, you will get $100 extra in bonus money, giving you $200 to play with.

100% isn’t that much though, and thankfully quite a few online casinos as listed above do better than that, by offering higher percentage bonuses.

Take the Casino Loco Panda Deposit Bonus for example – it’s a 400% bonus. So if you deposit $100 at Casino Loco Panda, they’ll give 400% of that amount which is $400. That means you actually get $500 to play with!

As you can see – chasing the high percentage casino bonuses is the best idea, because you get so much more money to play with. This means you can actually play higher stakes risking the CASINOS money, as opposed to your own. This also gives you the better chance of winning obviously.

Now you should know that a lot of these casino bonuses have terms and conditions associated with them. You can’t just take your $500 in bonus money and hit up the Roulette tables, betting on Black a few times then withdraw $5000. You also can’t immediately deposit, get $400 in bonus money, then withdraw it and go laughing to the bank.

In the first case, the bonuses are only allowed to be played on certain games. What games you can actually play with the bonus money really depends on the casino. Some casinos will only let you play the likes of slots, while other online casinos will give you the option of playing a few table games.

Then there’s the wagering requirements. All of these higher percentage casino bonuses, just like ANY casino bonus offered, comes with a wagering requirement. For example, you may have to wager 30x the actual bonus money before being able to withdraw. This protects the casino from people simply depositing and taking the money.

Don’t worry though -you don’t have to go hunting around the online casino site, reading all the fine print, just to figure out the rules. On all of our pages listed above, we explain the terms and conditions as well as break down all the steps for you to actually claim the high percentage bonus. If you need to e-mail the casino to request it we’ll tell you. If you need to use a bonus code, we’ll tell you.

So enjoy all of the high percentage casino bonuses listed above, and be sure to deposit the maximum available so you can take full advantage of the bonus on offer.

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