High Percentage Poker Bonuses

Online poker bonuses are the best. They’re the best because they’re the one online gambling property where you’re NOT playing against the house.

With online casino bonuses for example – they’re still designed for you to lose, as you’re still playing against the house. That’s NOT the same for online poker bonuses. What online poker rooms want more than anything is for you to WIN. If you’re a winning player you will be playing at higher stakes, and generating more rake which is what makes the online poker room money.

With that in mind, many online poker rooms offer high percentage signup bonuses. Here are our current list of the best poker high percentage bonuses:

High Percentage Poker Bonuses
Poker Room Software Percentage Bonus More Info
Titan Poker Logo Titan Poker iPoker 200% Titan Poker High Percentage Bonus

What these high percentages do is give you the best bonuses possible. Most poker rooms only do a 100% match on a signup bonus – this means that if you deposit $100, you’ll get just $100 extra in bonus money. While that’s still not a bad deal by any means – why would you want $100 in bonus money, when you could get so much more?

That’s why we list the above high percentage bonuses. All of the bonuses listed above give you a much better deal.

Take the Titan Poker High Percentage Bonus for example. That bonus is a 200% bonus. So if you deposit $100, you will get $200 in bonus money, for a grand total of $300. Obviously, a much better deal.

You should note that many of these deposit bonuses have a cap. For the Titan Poker bonus for example, you will get the maximum bonus of 200% up to $2,000. What that means is that you shouldn’t deposit more than $1,000. If you deposit $1,000 you get a $2,000 bonus. But if you deposit $1500, you STILL only get the $2,000 bonus. So save any subsequent deposits for any reload bonuses that Titan Poker offer.

If you’re wondering if there are any special poker bonus codes required to take advantage of these bonuses – of course there are. Not all the time, but most rooms will require you to do certain things, or enter a specific bonus code to claim the bonus.

However – just click any of the links above, and we will take you directly to an additional page on our site, which will cover for you in detail everything you need to know about the bonus, how to claim it, who can claim it, and what, if any, restrictions there are.

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