Microgaming No Deposit Bonuses

While there are many online casinos on the internet, many of them share the same software. The casinos differ depending on the promotions and bonuses that they offer, but at the core it’s the same type of games.

There are quite a few software providers out there, such as Rival Gaming, Real Time Gaming Software and Net Entertainment Casino Software. However by far, the most popular software for online casino players is the Microgaming casino software. You can see for yourself by picking out a Microgaming No Deposit Bonus from the list below:

Microgaming Casino No Deposit Bonuses
Online Casino Software No Deposit Bonus More Info
777 Dragon Casino Logo 777 Dragon Casino Microgaming $100 777 Dragon Casino No Deposit Bonus
Blackjack Ballroom Casino Logo Blackjack Ballroom Microgaming $100 Blackjack Ballroom Casino No Deposit Bonus
Maple Casino Logo Maple Casino Microgaming $100 Maple Casino No Deposit Bonus
Platinum Play Casino Logo Platinum Play Casino Microgaming $100 Platinum Play Casino No Deposit Bonus
Virtual City Casino Logo Virtual City Casino Microgaming $50 Virtual City Casino No Deposit Bonus
Ladbrokes Casino Logo Ladbrokes Casino Microgaming $10 Ladbrokes Casino No Deposit Bonus
Lucky Emperor Casino Logo Lucky Emperor Casino Microgaming $10 Lucky Emperor Casino No Deposit Bonus

The first thing you need to know about these Microgaming No Deposit Bonuses is you don’t have to choose one – you are allowed multiple accounts on the Microgaming Software. What that means is that you can have one account at Virtual City Casino, one account at Lucky Emperor Casino etc – you’re NOT allowed multiple accounts at the SAME casino.

If you know much about Microgaming Casino – you will know that some of the no deposit bonuses offered at Microgaming Casinos is a “spin and win” feature. What you get isn’t actually a no deposit bonus – you get a ridiculous amount of money like $1000-$1500 free as a no deposit bonus. You only get that money for an hour though, and then when the hour is up the money disappears but you get a special no deposit bonus based on the amount that you won.

If you take a Microgaming No Deposit Bonus listed on this page – that is NOT the type of no deposit bonus you will get. The bonuses on this page are straight up no deposit bonuses – you register, and you immediately get the amount listed in your account. No need to spin for an hour or any of that. If you ARE looking for those type of deals, then you can check out our Casino Free Spins section.

Also – a special note about the Virtual City Casino No Deposit Bonus – it’s not a straight up $50. It’s a bit different – you get $50 to play on the Spin the Wheel game. You get to spin the wheel 5 times at $10 a spin, where you get the opportunity to win big money based on just how lucky you are.

You’ll also find with many of the Microgaming No Deposit Bonuses that you will have to actually deposit money to withdraw any winnings. This is not a “catch” or anything like that – this is just a security requirement from Microgaming. The last thing they want is people signing up with 1000 multiple accounts and taking all their money – by forcing you to register a payment method, it ensures that you are not breaking the rules, and that you are just one person.

That’s pretty much it – click any of the Microgaming No Deposit Bonuses listed above and you’ll see we break down each bonus and give you all the details, as well as explaining all the terms and conditions so you don’t make any mistakes that could compromise you recieving the no deposit bonus.

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