Apple/Mac No Deposit Bonuses

One great thing about Mac users is the emergence of Mac-compatible online casinos, poker rooms and bingo halls over the last few years.

I remember back in 2004 when there was practically zero places online for a mac user to play at. No online casinos offered mac-compatible software, and there was only one or two online poker rooms that offered a mac client. Even those clients were very basic – requiring Apple users to jump through ridiculous hoops like using Apple Boot Camp just to play a few slots online.

Fast forward a few years, and it’s a lot harder to find online gambling sites that DON’T offer an option for Mac Users. Here’s a list of Mac Compatible No Deposit Bonuses:

Apple/Mac No Deposit Bonuses
Online Casino Software No Deposit Bonus More Info
777 Dragon Casino Logo 777 Dragon Casino Microgaming $100 777 Dragon Casino No Deposit Bonus
Blackjack Ballroom Casino Logo Blackjack Ballroom Microgaming $100 Blackjack Ballroom Casino No Deposit Bonus
Maple Casino Logo Maple Casino Microgaming $100 Maple Casino No Deposit Bonus
Platinum Play Casino Logo Platinum Play Casino Microgaming $100 Platinum Play Casino No Deposit Bonus
Slots Jackpot Logo Slots Jackpot Casino Rival $100 Slots Jackpot Casino No Deposit Bonus
High Noon Casino Logo High Noon Casino Real Time Gaming $60 High Noon Casino No Deposit Bonus
Virtual City Casino Logo Virtual City Casino Microgaming $50 Virtual City Casino No Deposit Bonus
Joyland Casino Logo Joyland Casino Playtech $25 Joyland Casino No Deposit Bonus
Casino770 Logo Casino770 Fast-CPU $25 Casino770 No Deposit Bonus
Classy Coin Logo Classy Coin Casino Real Time Gaming $25 Classy Coin Casino No Deposit Bonus
Superior Casino Logo Superior Casino Rival $20 Casino No Deposit Bonus
WinPalace Logo WinPalace Casino Real Time Gaming $20 WinPalace Casino No Deposit Bonus
Casino Del Rio Logo Casino Del Rio Playtech $15 Casino Del Rio No Deposit Bonus
Pantasia Casino Logo Pantasia Casino Rival $15 Pantasia Casino No Deposit Bonus
Mayan Fortune Casino Logo Mayan Fortune Casino Rival $14 Mayan Fortune Casino No Deposit Bonus
Ladbrokes Casino Logo Ladbrokes Casino Microgaming $10 Ladbrokes Casino No Deposit Bonus
Vegas Red Logo Vegas Red Casino Playtech $10 Vegas Red Casino No Deposit Bonus
Bingo Palace Logo Bingo Palace Web Browser $10 Bingo Palace No Deposit Bonus
Bingo Gala Logo Bingo Gala Web Browser $10 Bingo Gala No Deposit Bonus Logo Web Browser $10 No Deposit Bonus
Lucky Emperor Casino Logo Lucky Emperor Casino Microgaming $10 Lucky Emperor Casino No Deposit Bonus
Golden Cherry Casino Logo Golden Cherry Casino Real Time Gaming $10 Golden Cherry Casino No Deposit Bonus
888 Poker Logo 888 Poker 888 Software $8 888 Poker No Deposit Bonus
Poker770 Logo Poker 770 Microgaming $7.70 Poker 770 No Deposit Bonus
 Casino Titan Logo Casino Titan Real Time Gaming $7 Casino Titan Casino No Deposit Bonus
PokerTime Logo PokerTime Microgaming $5 PokerTime No Deposit Bonus
Paddy Power Casino Logo Paddy Power Casino Playtech €5 Paddy Power Casino No Deposit Bonus

Every single one of the above no deposit bonuses can be claimed by Apple users. As you can see from the list above there is a mix of online casino, online poker and online bingo halls where Mac users can get no deposit bonuses.

Now I should note that most of these websites don’t actually offer a specific Mac client. Instead, they want to ensure maximum compatability so that not just Mac users – but also Linux, Solaris users etc are able to play at their online casinos.

So what they have came up with as an alternative is Browser Based Options – all you need to have on your computer is Adobe Flash. Whether you’re using Safari, Chrome, Opera or whatever on your Mac it doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to play any of the casinos above in your web browser.

The one thing you might find is that a few of the online casinos listed have a weaker browser version – while the downloadable Windows client offers 200 casino games the flash-based client “only” offers 180 casino games. This is only at a few of the casinos though – most of them offer the full-load. The software is also great and very responsive. The Mac audience is growing by the day, and they know that they have to offer the best software possible. It’s not just an after-thought anymore.

So Mac users – enjoy the no deposit bonuses above. There are a lot of great casinos, poker rooms and bingo halls for you to choose from. If you’re confused – most of the links listed for the Mac Compatible Casinos will either use the Apple logo, or list “Instant Play”. That’s the one you want.

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