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Welcome to No Deposit Sites, Hosted by Ricky Roulette.

I’ve been involved with gambling since 1994. I’ve been a professional poker player. A professional sports better. A casino bonus hunter. A bingo bonus hunter. I’ve worked with casinos, and consulted with both poker rooms and casinos online and offline.

Why does that matter to you? Because throughout the years I have forged many strong relationships with online gambling sites, and am now able to use those relationships to bring you the best no deposit bonuses on the internet.

Now I’m sure most of you reading this know what a no deposit bonus is – but for those who don’t, let me briefly explain. A no deposit bonus allows you to sign up and register at an online casino, online poker room or online bingo hall. You don’t have to deposit any money – but you get REAL money to play with, and you can actually WIN real money.

Before we go any further, here is the main feature of the site:

If you click any of the “No Deposit ______ Sites” links above then you will be taken to a list of all no deposit sites under that particular game. We also have a Casino Free Spins section. That ones a bit different but in essence – you don’t have to deposit, and you get free spins at the online casino listed – usually on a specific slot machine. What that means is that the potential for no deposit winnings is actually unlimited!

I also provide a No Deposit Bonus Blog where I go through all of the no deposit bonuses on this site and blog about them. That way you get to see a sneak preview of the casinos or poker rooms, as well as how to claim the bonus etc.

We’re always adding new no deposit bonuses and new deposit sites to We highly recommend you subscribe to our newsletter so that you get e-mails whenever we had a new no deposit bonus.

Many of our no deposit bonuses are time-limited and you have to act fast to take advantage of them, so it’s good to keep tabs over e-mail. Also here is all of the latest no deposit bonus news:

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You’ll also find while navigating the website, that where possible we have included “filters”. If you’re a Mac user, then you’re not interested in no deposit sites that only work on Windows. If you’re American, then you’re not looking for no deposit sites that DON’T accept Americans. If you look down the sidebar on your left, you will see that have broken up all of our no deposit sites and bonuses into special categories, to make your life just that bit easier!

Also – here at No Deposit Sites we don’t JUST deal with no deposit bonuses. My goal is simple: to get you the most money possible for the least possible investment. So on top of that, we also offer high percentage bonuses. These bonuses give you a lot more money back on your initial deposit, increasing your chances of winning.

Finally, we also have an information section where we provide a FAQ and guides to help you if you have any questions. We will add to that section as time permits, however our main goal is always to bring you the best possible No Deposit Bonuses.

Enjoy the site, and I hope you make some great money with all of these no deposit sites on offer.

No Deposit Sites