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In January of 2004, I started playing online poker. I would end up playing it professionally for years(and still do, to some degree).

I picked the game up immediately, with the help of many poker books. 6 months later, I managed to pay for my own wedding – $15,000 – all from poker winnings.

Yet the best thing about all that? My initial investment was $0. That’s right – nothing. I claimed a no deposit bonus of $10 from Royal Vegas Poker, and managed to turn that into $15,000 in 6 months.

The point of all this is that I want you to take the no deposit poker bonuses seriously. Here’s a list of the no deposit poker bonuses we currently have listed on No Deposit Sites:

All Online Poker No Deposit Bonuses
Poker Room Software No Deposit Bonus More Info
888 Poker Logo 888 Poker 888 Software $8 888 Poker No Deposit Bonus
Poker770 Logo Poker 770 Microgaming $7.70 Poker 770 No Deposit Bonus
PokerTime Logo PokerTime Microgaming $5 PokerTime No Deposit Bonus

While the amounts may not seem high, if you persevere and play smart, there’s no reason you can’t repeat what I did. You just have to play within your limits and practise restraint. With that $5 for example, play at the lowest possible tables. If you don’t know how to play online poker, then read books, read the internet, study up on it and REALLY get to know how to play. Believe me – there are MANY more stories like mine.

What’s great about no deposit poker bonuses is the lack of restrictions. See – with no deposit casino bonuses, the casino doesn’t want you to win! That’s why all of their no deposit bonus codes come with crazy wagering requirements etc.

It’s not the same for poker at all. These poker rooms WANT you to win. Because if you win big, then you play more, play higher, and they make money off your rake. Hell that $10 Royal Vegas Poker gave me? I won like crazy, and Royal Vegas Poker loved that – because I probably made them over $30,000 in rake.

Please note too that on every online poker room listed above – we don’t just send you directly to the poker room. Sometimes there are steps to take, or no deposit poker bonus codes to enter, to actually claim your no deposit bonus. We want to make the process super easy for you – so we take you through the whole process, with a handy step by step guide on each page explaining exactly how to claim your no deposit poker bonus.

We also have went through all the terms and conditions on each bonus, and laid them out for you. Sometimes they are hard to find on those sites – the poker rooms would rather you just sign up and play without reading the fine print. We’ve read ALL the fine print, and provided all the key details for you.

We recommend trying out all of the no deposit poker bonuses above, and just remember to play within your limits. Don’t try and “get lucky” by blowing $5 on a $5 tournament immediately – start small, see if you can build up your bankroll, and be a successor like I was.

I hope you enjoy these no deposit poker bonuses, and that many of you make big money from them. See you at the tables!

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