How Do You Withdraw A No Deposit Bonus?

Withdrawing a No Deposit Bonus depends big time on what country you are from, and what online property you are playing at.

I don’t even want to provide a “general summary” here because really – there are massive differences, depending on where you are playing, so instead I will provide a few examples.

Also please note: on every page on our site where we provide details about the No Deposit Bonus, we also provide clear instructions on how to withdraw that specific no deposit bonus, as well as all the withdrawal options available.

So for example – if you are an American and wanting to withdraw a no deposit bonus, your options are usually limited, and restricted to the likes of cheques and bank wires. If you are in Europe you would have many more options, such as Skrill/Moneybookers and Neteller.

Now here are 4 examples of no deposit bonuses with their withdrawal requirements and if you click each one you will get full details on all the withdrawal options as well as how to claim them:

Casino Titan No Deposit Bonus: The Casino Titan No Deposit Bonus is $7. Prior to withdrawing the $7 or any potential winnings, you need to wager 50x the amount – which is $350. The bonus is removed from your withdrawal too – so if you had $30 when you went to withdraw, you would only get $23. You also can only cash out a maximum of $100 from the no deposit bonus, and you need to deposit $20 prior to withdrawing so they can get your banking details set up.

PokerTime No Deposit Bonus: Before withdrawing, you need to earn 20 Real Rewards – which is part of the PokerTime rewards program. There are no minimums or maximums for withdrawing, you do not need to deposit first, and the bonus is never deducted from your account.

Bingo Gala No Deposit Bonus: If you make a deposit to your Bingo Gala account, then you do not need to wager ANYTHING to claim the free $10. However if you don’t make a deposit, you need to wager 15x your winnings before a withdrawal can take place. Also it’s a bit tricky as you actually DO have to deposit to make a withdraw, so it is recommended you deposit the minimum amount immediately at Bingo Gala, so you won’t have any wagering requirements.

Poker770 No Deposit Bonus: There are no wagering requirements for the free $7.70 at Poker770. You just need to deposit a minimum of $20 prior to withdrawal, so they can verify that you are an individual and not multiple accounts.

What No Deposit Bonus Withdrawal Restrictions Are There?

As you can see from the list above, the no deposit withdrawal requirements vary. Typically, poker rooms only have a very small wagering requirement so they can hopefully see the no deposit bonus pay for itself. Online casinos differ, with some being more generous than others.

One thing you will see common at many places now is the requirement to deposit at some point, if you wish to withdraw your money. This is a standard rule set in place to protect against people who are attempting to cheat the system, and claim the no deposit bonus numerous times.

Is It True You Can’t Withdraw No Deposit Bonuses?

No. However depending on the room you are playing at, you may only be able to withdraw any WINNINGS. This is common at bingo rooms and some casinos who offer a no deposit bonus. Each one is different, and it’s a case of just looking over the terms and conditions prior to taking the no deposit bonus.

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