A No Deposit Bonus is exactly as it sounds – a free bonus that an online gaming property offer to new players to try out their software.

All you do, is sign up at any of the properties listed on NoDepositSites.com. While some may vary, usually all you need to do is register or enter one of our exclusive promotion codes, and you will be given the bonus automatically.

A no deposit bonus allows you to play at these online poker rooms, bingo halls, casinos or sportsbooks using real money, with the chance at winning real money, without risking any of your own funds.

Sometimes the no deposit bonuses differ in terms of wagering requirements and maximum withdrawals. You see – the last thing one of these properties want is for you to sign up, claim your free $10, win $10,000 and immediately cash out. They are after all, a business.

Here are two different examples of a No Deposit Bonus:

PokerTime No Deposit Bonus: $5 is offered to check out the online poker room PokerTime. You register, and then notify them that you want the $5 via their website. Within 24 hours they will credit your account. You can then play with that money immediately, and can withdraw it, or any winnings, as soon as you have earned 20 Real Rewards in their poker room. No credit card etc needed and there is no minimum or maximum withdrawal. For full details, see the PokerTime No Deposit Bonus page.

Casino Titan No Deposit Bonus: Register and immediately get $7 free, with the specific bonus code. You can only play select games such as Slots, Pai Gow and Blackjack. Also prior to withdrawing any money, you need to deposit $20 to verify this is your lone account, and also to set up your banking information for the withdrawal. You can also only withdraw a maximum of $100. For full details, see the Casino Titan No Deposit Bonus page.

As you can see – these are two vastly different offers. How PokerTime works is simple – they hope that on your way to earning those 20 Real Rewards, you don’t go bust. Hell, they WANT you to win money because they make money off the table rake, so they don’t care how much you win. Their dream player is a player who takes that $5 and turns it into thousands.

Casino Titan on the other hand, REALLY don’t want you to profit. That’s not a bad thing – they just want to ensure that you are using the no deposit bonus just to try out their offerings, and have applied those restrictions. Only the lucky players will be able to withdraw from Casino Titan, so that’s the sort of no deposit bonus that you should look at as “fun”, and not a serious way of making any money.

Sometimes they have to add terms like that due to “bonus hunters” as well – see, as I said above, they basically want you to try out their software. If you like it, you will deposit and play on a regular basis, right? Unfortunately there are a large group of people that usually abuse these bonuses – creating multiple accounts and doing everything they can to make money from the casino etc. That’s why some of them need to add these strict wagering requirements.

Don’t worry – on all of our pages we break down all the terms and conditions for each no deposit bonus, to save you the hassle of trying to find the terms and conditions and make sense of them. We’ve broken it down into layman terms for you.

Are No Deposit Bonuses a Scam?

No. There is no “trick” to no deposit bonuses, and all of the details, terms and conditions of these no deposit bonuses are laid out clearly before you even register at the gaming property.

The no deposit bonuses are set up by quality gaming providers. They believe that after you have played poker, slots or bingo at their gaming property you will be convinced by their quality, and will sign up as a regular player.

The no deposit bonuses are basically a “free trial”.

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