We’ve got a nice 14 free spins deal for this Wednesday, March 26th 2014.

I was initially told that this promotion was only available until the end of March, however this 14 free spins deal is now extended until the end of April 2014.

It’s available at Mega Casino, and no deposit is of course needed to claim the free spins.

If you’re wondering what countries does Mega Casino accept, and whether you are eligible for the 14 free spins based on your nationality – Mega Casino does not accept players from USA, Israel, France, Cyprus or Turkey.

Okay – so as long as you’re not from those countries, you’re eligible for the 14 free spins. Now to get to how to claim the free spins:

  1. Click this special link to activate the 14 free spins.
  2. Choose to either download the casino, or use the browser based “Instant Play” option.
  3. After registering, use the bonus code 14FREE.

That is the bonus code to activate the free spins – 14FREE. It’s a great deal and a nice way to try out a top online casino. Mega Casino is fantastic – they offer so many different games. Personally I’d recommend their browser based casino as well – it’s a lot more fun than the downloadable one and a lot more professional.

On top of the 14 free spins, that special link activated an awesome $2000 welcome bonus. Obviously this is a no deposit site but we do appreciate great deposit bonuses as well, and that $2000 welcome bonus is a top bonus you should take advantage of.

Mega Casino also offers live dealrs with the likes of Roulette, and have a variety of different games available for their slots. The Superman slot for example, is awesome and one that when I tried out the casino I couldn’t stop playing it.

Also they do all different promotions every day including races and free spins and super roulette and a whole bunch of other stuff. For all of that, on that page click “Promotions Calender” and you can see their list, and when Happy Hour is.

So head on over to Mega Casino. Remember – simply use that link, register an account then use the coupon code 14FREE for 14 free spins.

And hey – I’d love to hear how you do at Mega Casino; win OR lose. I’ll probably do a blog next week with the 14 free spins but I’d love to include your stories. Send an e-mail to dan@dealerdan.com and let me know if you won or lost. Screenshots would be appreciated as it’s always nice to see all of that.

Thanks and good luck at the tables, and enjoy Mega Casino. It’s quite the Mega Casino – pardon the pun. If that was even a pun. Well I know a pun – enjoy this MEGA free spins bonus. There – how was that for punny?

Yeah, I think I’ll just stop talking now. Good luck at the slots.

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