I wanted to highlight a bingo no deposit bonus out there at what I feel is one of the best online bingo rooms there is online.

That bingo room is Bingo Gala.

I remember playing there years and years ago. We are talking at least 10 years and maybe more. I was trying out many bingo rooms at the time – and man, I fell in love with this place.

There’s just something good about them – I was looking for a trustworthy place to play at, and Bingo Gala was the place. I actually won money off their no deposit bonus and was able to get it without having to actually deposit which was sweet.

To this day, they’re still running their $10 no deposit bonus, and I wanted to promote it here.

To claim the $10 no deposit bonus at Bingo Gala, simply click here. When you go to that page, there will be a button stating “$10 free no deposit bonus”.

Bingo Gala run a variety of currencies, like pound sterling, Canadian Dollar, US Dollar, Australian Dollar and Euro. So if you are in Europe you can choose to play in Euros, and you will actually get a 10 EURO bonus, which is even better than 10 bucks.

On top of that, Bingo Gala always e-mail you on your birthday, with an additional $10 no deposit bonus. Seriously every birthday I get excited at that incoming e-mail from Bingo Gala, and I use it up every time.

It’s very easy to claim the bonus too – no crazy bloody hoops to jump through. Simply use the bonus code GALAN when you register at Bingo Gala. It’s a very easy process – the registration takes 2-3 minutes as you just have to put in your name, e-mail address and then address information etc. But you don’t have to insert a credit card or any of that silliness. The only restriction they have is that only 1 account per IP address is allowed.

Bingo Gala is a solid, solid bingo room that has evolved over the years. I mean bingo wise they have a variety of games, with 30 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. On top of that if you are a casino fan as well, you’ll enjoy playing some slots or keno while you play at the bingo.

They have 7 Bingo progressive jackpots, and their interface is great. But hey as long as it’s free money I’m sure you’d play even if the interface made your eyes bleed!

Be sure to check them out on social sites too. For example, they’re on Facebook, and they have the “Facebook 5” which is – you guessed it, anther freaking no deposit bonus!

For that one all you have to do is “Like” Bingo Gala on Facebook, then post a comment on the Bingo Gala Facebook wall and mention your username. Give it a day and boom – you will have a $5 no deposit bonus in your account, or 5EUR or whatever you use.

So head on over to Bingo Gala and get $15 in no deposit bonuses super easy.

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