Poker 770 is running a special during the World Cup that is worth taking advantage of.

Oh, and they also have a massive no deposit bonus that is DEFINITELY worth taking advantage of.

Initially, Poker770 would offer a $7.70 no deposit bonus, but now they have that upped that to $20 to celebrate the World Cup.

Fun sidenote – I actually became a professional poker player due to a no deposit bonus. I’ll talk about that later.

So yes – $20 no deposit bonus at Poker770, and it’s more if you are in GBP or EUR currency as it’s 20 pounds or 20 euros.

On top of that, they have a sick 200% bonus to $1500 – or again, 1500EUR or 1500 GBP.

Their World Cup promotion is the 2014 Brazil Football $1 Million Challenge. Oh and they also give you a free poker odds calculator while you play which is neat.

So head on over to Poker770 and claim that no deposit bonus. Maybe you can become a professional poker player off it like me.

And now I’ll tell that story.

It was many years ago. My friend sent me a link to Royal Vegas Poker. If I signed up, I got a $10 no deposit bonus. So I did that, despite having never played poker before. And man – I was horrible. I still remember – and I cringe at the memory – going to support and asking why my flush lost to another persons flush. We both had a flush, right? But of course the reason is I had a Queen High flush and he had an Ace High flush.

That’s how bad I was – I didn’t know the difference.

I lost that no deposit bonus quickly, but I got serious about poker. Rather than deposit more and more and throw my money away – I had a trip coming up, where I would be visiting my family in Scotland for 2 weeks. With an 8 hour flight plus lots of downtime, I decided to really invest in poker. I loved the game even though I lost big time, and I knew it was beatable.

So I bought books. At the time there wasn’t many books out – not like these days where there is a freaking million of them. I think at the time there was Winning Low Limit Holdem by Lee Jones, and a couple of Sklanksy Books. I read them all and the one that always stuck with me was the Theory of Poker.

I came home committed, and ready to take down the tables. I remember another online poker room at the time – 7Sultans, offered a $10 no deposit bonus. i took advantage of that too – and lost. Sigh.

Despite all that, I knew I was good, and I was able to refer a friend to Royal Vegas and get $10 free with it. I did that, and that’s where things turned around. I turned that $10 into $200, and immediately withdrew $150 of it – with the promise that if I lost that $50 then at least I had profited and all was good.

I never lost it.

Instead I turned it into more and more. I think I had about $500, then I signed up with Neteller to make it easy to move money around. Then I hit poker rooms like crazy, taking advantage of bonus after bonus.

Ultimately that $10 no deposit bonus paid for my wedding, which was over $30,000.

So that’s one reason I created this website – in the hope that you too, can profit off no deposit bonuses like I did.

So get your butt to Poker770 and start playing!

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