On September 26th, 2012 Casino Luck sent out an e-mail letting all players know that they would get a no deposit bonus. The no deposit bonus was 10 free spins at their “Beach” Slot machine.

You can read the full details here. Casino Luck are honestly a top, top site when it comes to no deposit bonuses so you should register an account there and then wait for the constant e-mails they send out.

As I like to do here at NoDepositSites.com – I hooked the recorder up and video blogged my playing with this no deposit bonus.

I should warn you – I chose the wrong microphone. Therefore I am rather quiet and the game is loud – sorry about that. Will get it sorted next time.

The video is below and if you want to read the Beach Slot Free Spins with texts/images instead then keep reading…

And if you don’t want to watch the video then here are the details…

First of all, it’s 10 free spins at the “Beach” slot machine. Each spin is worth $0.01 or a penny. This is fairly standard but you can still win a fair amount. There’s also the max bet placed of 20 so it’s actually $0.20 per spin.

You can also win up to 40,000 credits.

Spin #1 I didn’t win anything. Same with #2.

On Spin #3 I win 5 coins, or $0.05.

Spin #4 and #5 had no wins but thanks to the beautiful WILD symbol on spin #6 I won $0.25 matching up the three purple shells:

Spin #6 and #7 had no wins but I managed to repeat spin #6 with the wild symbol and the purple shells for another $0.25 win on spin #8.

And on my last spin I hit $0.25 with three matching clam symbols.

Total No Deposit Winnings: $0.80.

Remember – head on over to Casino Luck and register an account there because they send out these e-mails with free spins every couple of weeks.

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