We’ve got something rare for everyone today – a no deposit bonus at a sportsbook site!

It’s very rare you get to see any sort of no deposit bonus at a sportsbook. And first I want to clarify – this is not one of those “free bets” you see at many online sportsbooks. You know the ones I’m talking about right? Where it promotes a free bet but it has a million terms and conditions to it PLUS you have to actually deposit just to take advantage of it.

This is a straight up no deposit needed bonus.

One bad thing: It’s for USA and Canada only. Sorry about that, rest of the world. Unfortunately people in Europe according to the sportsbook are the ones that will commonly abuse this sort of bonus with multiple accounts and so on and they’ve currently restricted it to USA and Canada only.

So to get the bonus itself – it’s fairly simple:

  1. Click this link to head to the online sportsbook GT Bets. You need to click that special link to activate the no deposit bonus.
  2. Register an account. Be sure to use the promotion code NHLBETS when registering.
  3. Once you have registered, send a message to customer service. Live chat is probably best. Provide them with the promo code NHLBETS and they will request your account ID.
  4. Boom! You now have yourself $10 without having to deposit.

Now one quick note – this exclusive bonus is ONLY for hockey. You can bet it anytime during the playoffs.

What you need to do is bet it on either one team to win, or bet on the Over/Under of a game. Don’t worry all these terms and conditions will pop up when you actually register and you won’t be able to make a mistake.

So for example – you can bet the Blackhawks to win or the Blues to win, or Over 5.5 in that game.

Now another note – you only keep the winnings. What that means is if you bet $10 to win $5.16 – you will ONLY get $5.16 in your account.

So that means you need to bet on a higher odds pick. For example if you are used to decimal odds, go with a pick of 2.00 or greater then you will get at LEAST $10 back. If you’re used to American odds go with +110 or greater.

Hey – it’s no risk, right? You win great and if you lose – not the end of the world!

Remember you need to use the special link to claim it and use the promo code. GT bets is a pretty awesome sportsbook BTW – they offer a great rewards program. It’s called Gametime Rewards, and it’s a Vegas style comp program. They have sweepstakes you can enter and merchandise they sell – like an Apple TV, or even just a t-shirt. I’ve been told that they will be giving a free t-shirt away to all new registrations too but that might just be depositors.

Either way – head to GT Bets and good luck with the hockey betting.

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