There’s an enticing deal going on at the online casino Prime Scratchcards – although I’m not sure exactly how great it is for new players.

It could be a case of ALL you get is 20 free scratches, no deposit needed at their scratch cards. But you may also be able to get 25 or even 50 free spins at one of their online slot machines.

The reason I am unsure is because I was already signed up there previously, and I got an e-mail that appears to be for everyone promoting the free spins, but I’m not sure if that will be just for existing customers.

So let’s start with the scratch card part of the deal:

Get The No Deposit Needed 20 Scratch Cards:

This one is fairly simple, and is advertised on their homepage.

Head on over to Prime Scratch Cards via that link.

Register an account. As soon as you’re done, a popup should appear with the information about the free scratches. It’s all automated. If for some reason it doesn’t give it to you right away just contact online support.

You will then have 20 free scratch cards, and can scratch away at will.

Okay – onto the free spins at Prime Scratch Cards:

Get The No Deposit Needed 50 Free Spins:

According to the e-mail I recieved, upon registering all you have to do is go to the Starburst slot machine.

So once registered at Prime Scratch Cards, and having used your 20 scratches, go to the Starburst Slot.

When you do that, you’ll get 25 free spins on Starburst. This is automatically added the first time you actually visit Starburst – nothing needed your end.

So you get 25 free spins, and then you need another 25. This is where you will contact customer support via the online support. You can just bring this up in online chat. That’s the recommended message anyway. You will open live chat and mention the promotional code “25STAR”.

Now I should note that some people reported having to deposit to get the 25 free spins, but I didn’t have to do that. So it’s just a case of some people will activate it no deposit needed I guess, while others will have to deposit – in which case you can just back out, and maybe they will offer it to you for free just to keep you there.

So that’s it – head on over to Prime Scratch Cards where you should be guaranteed at the very least 20 scratch cards, and hopefully up to 50 free spins at Starburst.

Click Here.

More Details on Prime Scratch Cards:

Even though their priority is scratch cards(and it’s pretty awesome to see a casino that treats scratch card customers with priority), they are a great online casino as they offer other games despite just scratch cards.

They offer a variety of instant win games such as Cubis and Bejewled, as well as a select amount of slot machines.

If you win some cash here, I highly, highly recommend you try out the South Park slot machine. It is a blast.

Alright that’s it – good luck at the tables…..well, scratches.

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