Well it’s that time again – the World Cup 2014, and we’re getting to see a ton of promotions by the sportsbooks.

I’ve combed through them all for the best bonuses and promotions. Now I should warn you there’s no actual no deposit bonuses – however these promotions are so great that it’s worth depositing just for these. Some are absolute steals, and others have a wide variety of value.

The key one and the best one for the World Cup – that you need to take advantage of immediately because it expires tomorrow is Brazil to wear Yellow at 2/1 odds.

This is a promotion offered by Coral Sportsbook.

Now if you know anything about football or soccer you might be sitting there thinking “What?”. That’s a crazy promotion – of course Brazil will be wearing yellow! The odds of them NOT wearing yellow are like 800 bazillion to one!

That’s the hook – that’s what Coral know – that it’s an easy bet. They WANT you to deposit and win money. It’s a method to get you in – with the theory that having deposited and with money in your account, you’ll see just how darn good Coral is and want to stick around.

And really – why not? It’s a great move and one you need to take advantage of. They have limited you to a £10 bet and it’s at 2/1 odds so hey – you’re basically getting £20 free out of it. Not a bad deal at all.

This is restricted to the UK and Ireland unfortunately – but if you are from there, you’d be dumb NOT to take advantage of it. Head on over to Coral Sportsbook and get your free 20 pounds.

if you are an American then the best deal for you is at GT Bets. Again you need to act fast on this one. You need to place a deposit to GT Bets. You will get the signup bonus, but you also get a FREE $20 bet. This bet is on the team to win the World Cup – so you simply sign up, deposit, then go to customer service and quote the promotion code $20WORLDCUP. Again – you need to do this before the World Cup starts. Then they will giev you a free $20 bet and you can bet it on Brazil to win the World Cup, or whomever.

So do GT Bets for that.

For everyone else – I’d recommend going to Paddy Power. They are offering a free bet up to 50 Euros, but they also have all these different and unique promotions for the World Cup that is a bunch of free bets basically.

Finally for everyone else again – plus UK & Ireland – go to 888. They are doing $88 in free bets PLUS a $5 free bet every day etc.

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