So with the NHL Playoffs, I’ve been able to talk to some online sportsbooks and hook up quite a few exclusive deals. Last week we had the $10 no deposit bonus at GT Bets – and this week we have a $20 free bet offer.

One note: this free bet is only for Canadians. Sorry everyone else. Be sure to check out the rest of the site for many of the bonuses that I’ve hooked up for everyone who is not a Tim Hortons addict.

Now one additional note – this is NOT a no deposit bonus. It’s still a great deal and that’s why I am posting it – but you DO need to deposit for it. This is just a method the sportsbook use to stop any fraud.

So the bonus itself is available at the online sportsbook Sports Interaction. To activate the free bet, you need to use this link to head on over and register an account.

Once you’ve registered an account at Sports Interaction, you can deposit. I should note they currently have a 100% to $125 deposit bonus offer – so you are best to deposit $125. That will then give you $250 to play with PLUS the $20 free bet.

Here’s how the free bet works – at any time during the NHL 2013/2014 Playoffs, place a bet on a team to win. No spreads or handicaps or anything like that – place a bet on a team to win.

If you win – great, all good. If you lose? You will get your bet back!

You need to wager exactly $20, and it’s good until the end of the Stanley Cup(when my Habs take it).

Sports Interaction is an awesome site and they explain everything for you – you can contact customer support with any questions about this.

They’re also one of the best sportsbooks for hockey anyway – and even if you aren’t Canadian, it’s worth heading over to Sports Interaction and claiming their 100% to $125 match bonus anyway as it’s a really good deal.

So hey that’s not bad – that’s already 2 sportsbook bonuses I’ve gotten for you. This one is nice and easy too – unlike some of those “free bets” or guaranteed bets you will find at online sportsbooks, there’s not a massive list of hidden terms and conditions behind it, or any of that crap. So that’s always a positive.

Sports Interaction also offer an online casino and a poker room and just by registering there, you will be e-mailed with promotions. Occassionally they will do freeroll poker tournaments worth good money, and even give you a no deposit bonus or free spins for their casino.

Either way – get on over to Sports Interaction and take advantage of that awesome $20 guaranteed bet. Good luck!

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