One thing that has really taken off in the past few years is mobile casinos.

It’s no surprise really; more and more people are using their mobile phone to do….well, everything. From getting up to date on the news, to communicating with friends to interacting with websites. We’re seeing popular websites like The Chive for example, notice the amount of mobile users is on the rise and so they’re creating apps to fulfull the mobile users experience.

So of course we are seeing online poker rooms, online casinos and online sportsbooks go the same route; offering a mobile version of their website, or even an app.

The problem is – especially with casino and poker – a lot of people are nervous about it. The idea of playing on a train for example – what happens if you go through a tunnel, and you lose a connection? What if you were just dealt a King, King in Blackjack up against the dealers 6? Will you be screwed?

The trustworthy, or lack of it really, element is obvious. And that’s why some online casinos are offering a no deposit bonus that we can take advantage of to see just how good and reliable their casino software is.

One such casino is All Slots Casino.

All Slots Casino – well, the name is sort of a lie. Because they aren’t just “All Slots” – not that that is a bad thing of course! They have a wide variety of games including a live dealer casino, featuring the likes of Live Multiplayer Roulette, Live Multiplayer Blackjack, oh and of course Live Freaking Playboy Dealers. Yep – the girls from Playboy are actually dealers at All Slots Casino, no freaking joke.

Anyway – onto their mobile casino.

All Slots has recently launched a mobile casino, which has a wide variety of games. They do of course have slots – lots and lots of slots, such as the ever popular Tomb Raider slot, on mobile. They also offer table games such as Roulette and Blackjack. The Roulette one in particular is really sick actually – really nice graphics etc.

They offer a $500 bonus for signing up with their mobile casino.

On top of that however, they offer a $5 no deposit bonus for using their mobile casino.

It’s that simple – you simply sign up at All Slots Casino then click the mobile link. You’ll get a pop-up where they will either e-mail you the link to the casino, send it via text message, or if you’re a super tech-savvy dude, just scan their QR Code.

I’ve never figured out how that whole QR Scanner thing works actually. I really need to one day.

Their mobile casino is compatible with the three big devices – okay, the two big devices and Blackberry. It’s compatible with Android, iPhones or iOS so Ipad as well – and of course select Blackberry devices.

So go claim that $5 no deposit bonus now over at All Slots Casino.

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