One online casino that I HIGHLY recommend you guys sign up with if you like no deposit casino bonuses is Atlantis Gold Casino.

I hadn’t heard of Atlantis Gold Casino before – but when I got the offer of 10 Free Spins on their Legend of Olympia Slot Machine I had to try them out.

I signed up with Atlantis Gold Casino on October 10th, 2012. I used up my 10 free spins at Legend of Olympia and unfortunately never won anything.

Since then however they’ve been hitting me with a CRAZY amount of free spin offers. I’ve seriously never seen this sort of marketing from an online casino and I am loving it. Usually these rewards are only reserved for players who have actually deposited. But Atlantis Gold Casino just can’t stop giving away free spins.

I haven’t kept all the e-mails, but here are just SOME of the e-mails in my inbox for October 2012. Remember, I signed up on October 10th, 2012:

  1. October 11th, 2012: 12 Free Spins on Trick or Treat Video Slot.
  2. October 13th, 2012: 15 Free Spins on Big Game Slot Machine.
  3. October 18th, 2012: 11 Free Spins on Samba Spins Slot.
  4. October 19th, 2012: 12 Free Spins on Captain Shockwave Slot Machine.
  5. October 20th, 2012: 15 Free Spins on Legends of Olympia Slot.

All these free spin no deposit bonus offers also come with additional promotions like a sweet 100% bonus, or freeroll tournaments.

And as I said before – I haven’t kept all of the e-mails. There were more e-mails than that as well and I’ve been taking advantage and actually won quite a few bucks.

The only way to get all these offers is to actually register at Atlantis Gold Casino. You get 10 free spins, no deposit needed automatically, and then your inbox will be inundated with tons of no deposit offers within a day!

If you’ve never heard of Atlantis Gold – I hadn’t either. It’s because they don’t use one of the “big-name” software providers like Microgaming or RTG. They use BetonSoft Casino software which is quite awesome – I’m tired of playing the same old games, so it was nice to get a break and try out something new.

The software is reliable and Atlantis Gold are trustworthy from the online reviews I’ve read. Some of the games they offer too are really fun – so give them a try.

And good luck. Although with the amount of free spins they offer – luck is clearly on the players side!

I’ll upload some video blogs as I play at Atlantis Gold Casino soon.

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